Jacksonville Scene is where Jacksonville plays!  We are the largest sport and social organization in Northeast Florida. Our goal is to build the community by bringing together young professionals through athletics and social gatherings.  We have experience running the largest sport and social clubs throughout the country, and producing some of the biggest events in Jacksonville. Jacksonville Scene is a great way for men and women to play sports, experience the city and beaches, meet new friends and help local charities.  We are like recess for adults!

Sports Leagues
There are 5 to 10 weeks of play including the playoffs. Teams will compete once a week and run in the evening on weekdays and all day on the weekends . Leagues are divided into four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. All participants on the roster will receive a league T-shirt, and all champions will receive prizes. Each league has a sponsor that provides food and/or drink specials after every game. Jacksonville Scene will provide equipment, officials and administration. Our prices includes everything. There are no additional costs for referees, umpires, equipment, etc. Just come out and play!

Examples of Sports Leagues: Beach Volleyball, Indoor Volleyball, Flag Football, Softball, Basketball, Bowling, Dodgeball, Kickball, Golf, Surfing, Kayaking and Tennis (…and growing!).

Social Events
We want people to see everything that Jacksonville has to offer. Our events and outings are open to everyone looking to meet new people or to have a good time with old friends.

Examples of Social Events: Wedding Crashers Party, New Year’s Eve Events, After-work parties, happy hours, Jaguars games, Suns games, Gator Bowl outing, , Florida/Georgia party, Holiday Bashes, Golf Outings, Skydiving, River Cruises, Wine tastings and Concerts.

Jacksonville Scene recognizes the importance of helping one another. We are committed to the community and coordinate efforts to help local worthy causes. Also, our website provides a free listing of charitable events going on around town.



What makes Jacksonville Scene different?

Jacksonville Scene’s main goal is to bring people together capturing the essence of having fun. We have over 7 years of experience running the largest adult recreational leagues throughout the country. We have also helped produce numerous Super Bowl events, and professional sports. Our leagues are mostly described as laid back, providing a perfect outlet for professionals to play, party, and meet. Teams come together once a week to play. Afterwards they meet at a local sponsor to unwind and trade stories. Leagues run up to ten weeks including playoffs. There are no membership fees. Participants just need to sign-up for whichever sport, social event or outing they find interesting. Along with team registration, one of the most unique aspects that JS provides is individual registration. We compile teams made up of people who sign-up by themselves. This is a great way for people new to the area to find friends with similar interests, and allows individuals who do not have enough people for a team to participate.

Who is the main demographic?

Jacksonville Scene participants are among the most highly sought after consumers in the marketplace. As key influences with a disposable income, they are a desirable audience for anyone looking to market their product or service in the Jacksonville area. Average Age: 21 to 35 years-old Male to Female Ratio: 1:1 Marital Status: 93% single / 7% married Education: Over 95% with undergrad degrees

How does Jacksonville Scene benefit the city and beaches?

Jacksonville Scene highlights and introduces young professionals to the wonderful aspects of the city. It helps create an interest in keeping the parks and beaches beautiful. Our leagues and outings build awareness and generate revenue for surrounding businesses. Also, JS coordinates efforts to help local charities and encourages participants to be part of the community. Our website, leagues, events and newsletters are a perfect outlet to market and provide links to upcoming events around North Florida. Jacksonville Scene is a fun way for people to lead a healthy, active lifestyle adding to the overall quality of life in Jacksonville.

What can Jacksonville Scene do for your business?

Jacksonville Scene brings co-workers together outside the working environment with fun team-building activities. When your company plays in our leagues you see the benefits. Employee retention, happy workers, camaraderie and corporate pride are a few of the positive contributions that Jacksonville Scene can provide. Studies by NIRSA and ACE have found that when workers participate with one another in physical events, outside the office, employee satisfaction and health is improved.

How old must you be to participate?

n order to attend any of our social events or leagues you must be at least 21 years old.

Is there a membership fee?

No! Just sign up for whatever sport or social event you are interested in. Membership is FREE!

How do I register?

The quickest and easiest way to register is through our website using a Visa, Mastercard or Corporate Amex. Just go to the social event or sport you are interested in and click on the league of your choice to get in the game. We also accept checks and cash. There can be a combination of payments if the total amount is paid together. Registration is final. There are no refunds. Jacksonville Scene reserves the right to remove any player or team from the leagues.

What is the deadline to register?

There is no deadline. We treat them all on a first come, first serve basis. We offer no preferential treatment. Whenever all of our allotted space is filled is when we stop registration. Most of our leagues fill up very quickly, so we encourage people to sign up as soon as possible. Just because there is space in the morning, doesn’t mean there will still be space in the afternoon.

Is the website secure?

Yes. We use a third party for our registration. We are protected by SSL Certificate.

Can you hold a spot?

We do not hold any spots. The only way to get a confirmed spot in a league is to submit a roster and FULL payment. We accept no partial payments or deposits.

What if you don’t have your own team?

In most of our leagues we offer both team and solo registration. Just click the individual registration in the league that you want to play. We will place you on a team of players that sign up as individuals.

Can you use a sponsor check?

There are two ways to use a sponsor check. The sponsor can make out their check to Jacksonville Scene or they can make it out to the captain of the team, who must then register at Jacksonvillescene.com with their own credit card. The captain will receive a confirmation, which can be shown to the sponsor.

How long is the season?

Most of our leagues consist of a seven game regular season and then playoffs. Some leagues may be shorter, but will be specifically denoted.

How long do we play?

Your team will meet on the same day every week for the duration of the season. The games will last for one hour within the time frame specified for each league.Your game times will rotate each week throughout the season.

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